History of MSI


Brief, yet interesting history of Mercy School from its establishment to what it is now. In 1999, a few people in Oklahoma City’s Muslim community got together and expressed their need for an Islamic institution for their children. They wanted someplace where their kids would be exposed to Islamic values five days a week, not just at Saturday School at their local mosque. This group of people worked together and established Mercy School Institute in a small office building. With only about 12 students in its first year, Mercy School Institute gradually expanded and advanced as more people in the Muslim community began sending their children and supporting this noble cause. Around 2002, Mercy School shifted to another location nearby, a slightly larger office building. Here, a total of around 100 students attended this institution. As the student population grew each year, the talk of a new building arose. Five acres of land was donated, plans were drawn out, and funds were steadily collected. Finally, in 2005, construction began, and the ground breaking ceremony was held. In 2010, the building was completed, and the first day of school that year was held in the brand new building. Mercy School, which started out as a small office building with only 12 students, has now expanded into a beautiful, spacious, new building with a student population of over 200 students.

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